Manage Verifications

This page offers User Verification Settings, allowing you to customize user verification on your website. Additionally, you can choose a verified icon image to display alongside the names of verified users on your site.

These settings are applied individually to different member levels. Start by selecting the member level you wish to modify, and then adjust the settings for that level below.

Note: You can also manually adjust the verification status of specific users by editing them in the 'Manage Member' section.

You can approve or reject payments made via Bank, Cash or Cheque from Transactions section.
More Info: KB Article

Choose the Member Level to which you want to assign the below settings.

Choose the image to be shown alongside verified users on your site. This image will show in both user panel and admin panel of your site. [Note: You can add a new image from the "File & Media Manager" section. If you leave the field blank then nothing will show.]

Enter the text which you want to show when users mouseover on verification badge for this member level.

Do you want to enable user verification for members of this level? Below you can choose how members can be verified.

There are currently no enabled payment gateways. You must add one before this page is available.

Enter the amount to charge the members of this level on your site. This will be charged once for one-time plans, and each billing cycle for recurring plans. (Number must be greater than zero).

How often should members in this be billed?