Activity Feed Settings

The recent activity feed is an auto-updating list of actions that have recently occurred on your social network. This information is displayed (by default) on users' "My Home" page. Also, each user's own personal activity list will be displayed on their profile page if enabled below. Please note that some of the settings here are not retroactive, meaning that changes you make here may not affect old feed items.

Note: To enable, manage, and disable individual feed items, please refer to the Activity Feed Item Type Settings page.

How many total items do you want the main activity feed to display at any given time?

Enter the character limit to post in the Activity Feed (also applied when editing the post). The field must contain an integer between 1 and 9999, or 0 for unlimited.

When a member is looking at the recent activity feed, whose actions should they see? For smaller networks, it may make more sense to show recent actions from "All Members" so the feed is quickly populated.

Do you want to allow members to prevent specific action types of theirs from being published? If yes, a setting will appear on your members' account settings page allowing them to choose which action types to NOT publish in the activity feed.

Select options to be enabled in Status Post Box for activity feeds.

Your users can choose from any of the options checked below when they decide who can see their posts